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Workflow benefits include increased efficiency, improved communication and collaboration, enhanced visibility and oversight, and streamlined processes. A well-designed workflow can help teams to complete tasks more quickly and accurately, and can also help to reduce errors and delays.


Kanban Starter Pack


This diagram is very useful for teams trying to discover potential project defects. It allows you to visualize the main and root causes of a problem, vote on the most pressing issues, and initiate potential solutions.

Research Session Note Taking

Research session note taking is the process of writing down and documenting key information, concepts, and ideas during a research session. This can include notes on sources, quotes, and observations.

Bulls Eye Diagram

Design Research

Design research is the process of investigating and understanding the needs, wants, and desires of users or customers in order to inform and guide the design of products, services, or experiences.

Breakout Group

Venn Diagram

Lesson Reflection Template

Mobile Wireframe

Mock up mobile apps.

Theme Generator

Use this template to generate new themes for Slatebox. Define the default color palette and the node style. Any background modifications will automatically be applied when this theme is chosen.


Use the REAN template to evaluate marketing activities related to reach, engagement, activation, and nurture.

Reverse Brainstorming

Reverse think your way into a different solution.

Pros & Cons

Separate thoughts into a pro/con list


Improve and iterate on existing ideas

Stakeholder Analysis

Identify and plot stakeholders

Meeting Reflection

Share and grow as a team

What's on Your Radar

Organize items by importance and track if your ideas are likely to solve a problem.

Mad Sad Glad Retrospective

Mad Sad Glad Retrospective template helps teams reflect on past performance and identify areas for improvement by focusing on emotions and specific actions.


Flowcharts are diagrams that show the flow of a process or system. They are used to visually represent the steps or actions in a process, making it easier to understand and communicate the process to others

Agile Board

Agile board template helps to visually organize and track progress of tasks in an Agile project, increasing efficiency and collaboration among team members.

Quick Retrospective Template