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What's on Your Radar

Organize items by importance and track if your ideas are likely to solve a problem.

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The What's on your radar Slatebox template helps your team stay organized, manage time efficiently, stay focused on important tasks, and identify potential risks.

There are a number of benefits in using the "What's on your radar" template:

  1. Improved organization and prioritization of tasks, projects, and events.
  2. Increased visibility into upcoming deadlines and commitments.
  3. Ability to identify and address potential risks or issues in a timely manner.
  4. Greater sense of control over one's workload and responsibilities.
  5. Better time management by focusing on the most important tasks and goals.
  6. Helps to clearly communicate the status of projects, tasks and events with the team.
How do you use this template?
  1. Identify the tasks, projects, or events that need to be tracked and divide them into three categories: most important, moderately important and least important.
  2. Place the most important items in the middle ring of the target, items that are moderately important in the second ring, and least important in the outer ring.
  3. Assign ownership of each item to a specific team member or individual.
  4. Review the template regularly, such as daily or weekly, to stay updated on the status of each item and make any necessary adjustments.
  5. Use the template to prioritize tasks by focusing on the items in the middle ring first.
  6. Use the template to identify and address any potential risks or issues that may arise by looking at the items in the outer ring.
  7. Update the template as needed to reflect changes in the status of tasks, projects, or events.
  8. Use it to communicate the status of projects, tasks, and events with the team by looking at the template.
  9. This type of template allows you to quickly identify the most important items that need immediate attention and make sure they are not forgotten among less important tasks.
What is an example of which labels could be put onto the target
Task Due Date Priority Owner Status
Finalize budget report 01/31/2023 High (Bullseye) John In Progress
Plan team retreat 02/15/2023 Medium (Second ring) Jane Not Started
Develop new feature 03/01/2023 Low (Outermost ring) Sarah Not Started
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