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The real-time visualization collaboration platform with AI superpowers

Provide a prompt or URL, build a diagram

Provide a text prompt or URL and auto generate an entire diagram with varying levels of detail

Auto-populate 100+ templates

Describe your problem and watch the AI auto-populate the sticky notes on 100s of templates

AI + Real-Time Collaboration

Work with the Slatebox AI and your team on real-time, multi-cursor collaborative canvases.

Real-Time Note Taking

Speak to AI in real-time and allow it to listen in to your meeting or lecture and generate a mind-map in real time.

API Integration

Immediately produce diagrams from natural language through the Slatebox API in your own workflows.

Converse in real-time

Speak to the Slatebox AI and it speaks back. Build a persona specific to your org's use case and diagram via conversation in real time.

Real-time notetaking of a 40 minute lecture:


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  • Collaborate with audio and video huddles
  • Unlimited Magic Links
  • Unlimited Template Access
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • API Access
  • Unlimited Private Slates
  • Unlimited Private Collaboration
  • Unlimited Shapes
  • Integrated Google Image Search
  • 25 Guest Passes / Month

Build mind-maps and more with a simple prompt

Beyond text: build beautiful visuals from scratch with natural language prompts. Create mind-maps, and much more (coming soon) by just providing a prompt. You'll see a unicorn. It will be magical.

Auto-populate templates

What's your problem? Type whatever objective you want and watch the AI Assistant produce sticky notes to jumpstart your team's collaboration session with unicorns and hope.

Together, apart

Real-time edits in no time flat. Surf the slates of your whole team and their AI assitants with a birds-eye view. It's like watching a dozen TV stations at once.

100+ templates

Slatebox has all the use-cases covered. Boost your team with AI assistance. Achievement, unlocked!

  • Mindmaps & Brainstorming
  • Kanban Board
  • Retrospectives
  • Daily Standups
  • Design Sessions
  • More...

Built for Teams

Free for teams of any size. Easily manage permissions for your team. Your AI team members will always follow their lead.

Create Your Team

5 million+ shapes

Partnered with the noun project, Slatebox has nearly unlimited vectors for any concept you want to convey. Your AI assitant will comb through all of it and help you select the perfect one (coming soon).

Comment & Resolve

Add comments for async resolution.Work through outstanding items on your own time.

Privacy First

Google-docs like privacy control over all your slates. The Slatebox free-forever plan includes 3 private slates; upgrade for unlimited.


    You already know how to use Slatebox. Click. Change. Repeat. In the near future, your customized AI will not even need prompting. The unicorns will be there, tweaking and creating with your team along the way.

    Integrated Google Image Search

    Google search images directly into any node with Slatebox Pro.

      Visual Collaboration + AI Unicorns? It's blinding. Look Away.

      Themes abound

      Quickly change the look of your slate by applying a theme.

      Generate colors

      Use smart color picking to quickly change the color palette of your slate.

      Auto snapshots

      Want to revert to a previous saved version of your slate? Snapshots are automatically taken as you build your slate, revert anytime.

      Create themes & templates

      Want to build your own template or slate? It's easy to get started.

      Explore the community

      Explore the thousands of community slates for inspiration. Copy with one click.


      Wireframe your apps, drag and drop ideas to iterate quickly.
      mind mapping done right

      Cookie cutter? Nope.
      Expressive Mindmaps, check.

      AI Superpowers?
      Double check.

      Jane Snare, University of Seattle
      "Slatebox is a wonderful tool -- we tried dozens of other concept drawing tools and Slatebox was more fun and easier to use than all the rest."
      Sarah Green, Ph.D. Student
      "It's a wonderful tool and your support even more so. It's so powerful and simple! You've helped me to NO end. I can't thank you enough."

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      Slatebox is an AI visualization platform that will jumpstart your team's success. With a forever free plan, instant collaboration, 100+ templates, and an AI assistant that always wants to take you out to Red Lobster™? And have no personal boundaries? Click below to give it a try!

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