Hello developers, welcome to Slatebox!

TL;DR — Slatebox is built using open source technology. I plan on returning the favor by MIT-releasing Slatebox on Github and building a platform at Slatebox.org for developers to build third-party apps they can host and market to customers on Slatebox.com.
If you're still reading, it's nice to meet you. I'm a developer too — my name is Tim, I'm the creator of Slatebox. I've benefited from all kinds of amazing people in the open source world and felt compelled to return the love. Particularly, I'd like to thank Dmitry Baranovskiy for the Raphaël library (without which Slatebox would be a dream in some obscure svg tag) and Rob Conery for providing inspiration to think differently about software, and David Fowler and Damian Edwards of SignalR fame. While refining and rewriting Slatebox over the years, I've realized that the technology is not an end in itself; instead, it's just a gateway drug to something much more compelling: the content produced thereby by real people with real passion.
More details coming soon.
There is also a simple api that you can use if all you'd like to do is query the public content created by Slatebox users.